10 Best Essential Oils to Relieve Inflammation in the Lungs (Signs & Symptoms)


Bronchitis. Alas, this flu I picked up on the cruise a couple of weeks ago (tested positive for Influenza B) has moved into my chest. The doctor said not much can be done but to let it run its course. However, I can say that the Essential Oils have been a real benefit. Peppermint oil and doTERRA "Past Tense" for the headaches, Lifelong Vitality vitamins daily have kept the symptoms from being too severe.

Yesterday I learned about using Eucalyptus oil to help my lungs. I was experiencing shortness of breath, wheezing and coughing. I have an inhaler, but can only use it once a day. And even though there are medical interventions for bronchitis, they aren’t always effective. In the few cases where they work, the body develops resistance to that medication!. However, when I put a drop of the Eucalyptus oil in the palm of my hand and cupped it and took in deep breaths, it cleared the lungs immediately. Able to take deep breaths and the coughing has subsided!

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Jeanne Duerst